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Author: Muna wa Wanjiru

Lawn sprinklers are used to discharge water to grass lands, foot ball grounds, Golf grounds and so on.

Single stream lawn sprinkler:

These sprinklers are ideal for medium to large grass lands. They are designed after years of research. They offer smooth operation. They are safe for kids. They have 360 degree arc that rotates in all direction. So no place will be left dry. They are also called rotators as they are continuously rotating in all the directions. They can retract when they are not in use.

Dancing flower sprinkler:

Dancing flower sprinkler provides an excellent way to water your lawn or garden. The sprinkler itself looks like an ornament. You can use it for decorative purposes also. Just connect them to the hose. It will spray water up to 100 square feet. It sprinkles water by twisting the water pressure. So gardening and maintaining lawn is a funful experience for you and your children now.

Portable sprinkler system:

Portable sprinkler is great for lawns or for watering seedlings or shrubs. You just fix them anywhere in the garden and connect a hose to it. Water will sprinkle from its 3 heads. It is safe and comfortable.

Oscillating sprinklers:

It provides lawn watering gently. It assures watering even to all areas. It is suitable for spraying water in large lawns. It is corrosion resistant and thus ensures long life. It is free from maintenance cost. It is light weight. It has built in needles for cleaning spray nozzles. It has 17 holes to spread water in wider areas.

Impulse sprinklers:

Full or part circle impulse sprinklers rotate in an arc to provide water to wide spread lawns. It supplies water through the metal nozzles. As it is rotating, no area will be left as dry patches.

Plastic sprinkler:

It is an adjustable 3 arm sprinkle with spike base. Its plastic body assures long life and flexibility. Just fix them in your garden and connect with a long hose. Its sharp edges ensure proper fixing in the soil.

Ornamental sprinkler:

Ornamental sprinkler is made up of plastic and it has spike base. It is suitable for gardening and watering lawn. It looks like a large yellow flower. This will attract the children. So make your gardening experience an entertainment with ornamental sprinkler.

Plastic oscillating sprinklers:

It has 19 holes that will spray water at height. This is great for irrigating large and medium lawns. Its plastic body assures long life. Its total weight is 2.5 kgs.

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