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Here’s a nifty, convenient new sprinkler system particularly suitable for the home owner. From the folks at Watering Made Easy in Kingwood, Texas, lawn watering just got easier!

Their product is called a Sprinkler Station and it’s designed to replace the cumbersome sprinklers many homeowners use. The Sprinkler Station shown on their website (www.wateringmadeeasy.com) is permanently buried inches beneath the lawn turf. This design allows for easy mowing, but without the expense or mess of installing a complex underground set up.

“We brought an innovation to consumers that I’m particularly pleased with”, remarked Eric Eden, President of Watering Made Easy, Inc. “People are no longer having to drag sprinklers across their yards.”

Once the Sprinkler Station is buried, a standard garden hose is simply “clicked” into the station using a quick connector fitting. Simply “Un-click” the hose and the sprinkler withdraws underground; hidden from the lawn mower blades.

Installation is simple, just dig a hole about 10” long and 10” deep; no need to dig trenches across the lawn. Simply bury 2 or three Sprinkler Stations to cover the entire lawn. Using a connection splitter at the faucet, the homeowner can run two or more hoses to separate stations simultaneously.

Incorporating a shut off timer allows sprinklers to function while the homeowner is away or at nighttime. Likewise, incorporating a timer device is the ideal way to save water and it eliminates under or over watering.

Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Stations carry a replacement warranty for five years from date of purchase so they are guaranteed to last.

“Our company is focused on to top-notch customer service. We’ve committed ourselves to that high standard,” touted company president Eden.

Need a referral? Sprinkler Stations were tested and recommended by members of the Handyman Club of America and the National Home Gardening Club From their website, notice that these sprinklers have been featured in Business Week and on the PBS TV show, Ask This Old House.

Homeowners in freezing climates can even leave it in place over the winter. Winterizing the sprinklers is simple and takes seconds. Simply stick the tube of a trigger sprayer down into the hose connector of the Sprinkler Station and squirt out the small amount of water. Watering Made Easy offers a “winterizing kit”, including a sprayer, and 7 plugs for the hose connection that prevents seepage water from re-entering the sprinkler.

Using their sprinkler removes the tedious, repetitive task of placing and aiming the sprinkler for each use. This feature greatly reduces the time and effort put into watering your lawn. Additionally, the Sprinkler Stations save money by not needing constant replacement caused by mower or pet damage!

Please visit the Watering Made Easy website to see their lawn watering systems, now available in three models, at www.wateringmadeeasy.com.