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Tired of babysitting your lawn sprinkler? A new, simple, and easy to install water sprinkler manufactured by Watering Made Easy, Inc. is now available. A Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Station stops the never-ending cycle of placing, aiming, moving to mow and replacing a lawn sprinkler; without the high cost of an underground sprinkler system.

Within minutes a Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Station is placed in your lawn. A quick connector, which is included, allows you to snap on your garden hose. The sprinkler head pops up and your worries are over. If a Water Timer is used; the watering will stop and the SPRINKLER HEAD DISAPPEARS UNDERGROUND! EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT HOME!

Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Stations are much quicker, easier and more convenient than dragging a sprinkler around over, over and over again! They are very easy to install, permanent and cost around the price of surface sprinklers in use today.

Hold on to your hoses… The 21st Century is here and so is Watering Made Easy.