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When you want a lawn for beautification, the responsibility that comes with it is not just monetary expenditure but time consumption. If you have a lawn sprinkler in mind then consider the following sprinkler system DIY installation guide. The easy do-it-yourself sprinkler system eliminates the issue of additional expenses. If you can find time to spare in the installation of the sprinkler system then brace yourself as we journey to the step-by-step guide installation process.

Steps on Sprinkler System Installation

1.Build the manifold. The manifold is the set of control valves which you attach to the PVC lengths. When the water comes to the manifold it reroutes the water accordingly. Manifolds can either be designed above ground level or buried underneath for cleaner lawn areas.

2.Excavate the V-shape channels where you can position the sprinkler system DIY. Dig an 8-inch deep channel for the pipe at a straight and practical level.

3.Connect the tees’ to complete the water line pipes. There are 3 main locations which you need tees’ attached to be able to connect the pipes to the waterline. One is after the water meter basement. Second is right before the outside hose bibb and the third is right along the supply line before the house pipes. It is vital that you put a shutoff valve for the following purposes: cleaning and emergency cases. If you need sprinkler system troubleshooting then the shutoff valve will also serve that purpose.

4.Mount the drain valves. It is important that you mount drain valves or what we call the anti-siphon valves to prevent contaminated water from entering the whole system causing polluted water to run through the household pipe.

5.Position the valves and pipes in the channels made. Start placing the pipes in its corresponding positions, but don’t forget to measure and test the riser before fully screwing the tees. This is to make sure that the risers are positioned at a 90-degree angle from the ground.

6.Install the risers. When you are done with the final pipe connections and curing of the joints, attach the risers at its exact height and then the sprinkler head. Now your sprinkler system DIY is ready for use.

7.Finally, find the exact spot where you want the controller mounted. Commonly, the control is placed in safer areas. Just run the wires to the control valves and check individually for wiring safety. Then cover the channels with soaked water to make it more compact.

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