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Author: S Mckenzie

Scott Young reveals his tips and techniques in a new guide that
shows how to install an automatic lawn sprinkler system in 6
days or less and save 67% of the cost.

‘As a lawn sprinkler service professional for over 7 years, I
have seen many people waste hundreds, if not thousands, of
dollars on unnecessary installation fees. The very same job
could have been done by them with the same quality for a
fraction of the price.’ says Young ‘ I have managed my own lawn
sprinkler business for 3 years as a licensed irrigation
contractor in Florida. Having designed, installed, and repaired
sprinklers systems in hundreds of homes, I ran into many clients
who wanted to learn how the system worked, so they could either
do their own repairs or even build a system of their own.’ More

‘I then decided to put together this guide to help the average
homeowner design and install his or her system quickly and
without the headache or hassles of doing complicated
mathematical equations. Not to mention cutting out the costs and
difficulty with dealing with contractors. I looked around on the
Internet to see what kind of information was available to the
average person looking to design and install their own sprinkler
system. To my surprise, I could not find anything anywhere that
was accurate or easy to understand. People don’t want to, nor
have the time to, take classes to learn sprinkler design when
they just want to water their lawns!’

‘How To Build Your Own Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System’ is
tailored for the everyday homeowner. Topics covered include:
Explanation of the ease of installing your own sprinkler system
in 6 days or less, Discover the ‘make or break’ secret that
could cost you hundreds each month on your water bill, The 16
no-hassle steps to cut your installation time in half, How to
set a watering schedule to maximize the efficiency of your new
automatic sprinkler system and more.

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